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Name:Felix Dalzoon
Birthdate:Jun 26
Location:Lincoln, Nebraska, United States of America
This account represents a fictional character; apart from physical resemblance, no similarity to any person, living or dead, is intended.

You know that fictional character you like? Imagine if he or she had been born in a completely different fictional universe. Han Solo, member of the Scarlet Pimpernel's band. Eponine Thenardier, Protoss double agent.

Felix Dalzoon, wizard.

If you met Felix in the course of an ordinary day, you'd certainly be forgiven for not realizing. After all, there's no such thing as wizards, right? And even if there were, surely an ordinary high-school biology teacher wouldn't be a wizard.

And yet, he is. Chosen by the Powers that Be shortly before he turned fourteen, Felix knows the Speech that formed the universe, and can be used to edit it even now. Over the years he's faced the Lone Power, the Power that rebelled against the One and created entropy, more times than he can count. He's acquitted himself well enough, and survived long enough, to have attained the rank of Senior. His 'territory' includes most of Eastern Nebraska, although the boundaries are very imprecise and ultimately unimportant.

His wizardly specialty is - and always has been - the planet Earth. Felix is one of only a few people in the last century - on a huge number of worlds, not necessarily all in the same universe - who has "taken in the land". Though rarer than "taking in the sea", this feat does not take significantly more power; rather, it requires a deep, intuitive understanding of the local ecosystem. Although Felix can and has operated offworld, this sort of intuitive understanding means that he's considerably more comfortable and effective on his home planet.

As Earth is a sevarfrith world - one on which wizardry should be conducted under cover - Felix also has what might be considered a cover identity. He teaches biology at Lincoln Northeast High School. It was a natural choice, considering his wizardly focus. He is well-liked among his students, although some of them (or, at least, some of those who aren't wizards) suspect that he's got some kind of secret.

Felix Dalzoon is based on Felix from Golden Sun (property of Camelot Software Planning), transplanted into the world of Young Wizards (property of Diane Duane and... Harcourt Trade Publishers, I think). He is munned by [info]kd7sov and intended solely for fun; no profit or other tangible benefit is accrued.
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